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It’s your wedding. Let’s make it as unique and personal as we possibly can. So than afterwards we can remember it, how it was.

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This question rarely receives enough attention and consideration. What I suggest is that it is done at a location that has an emotional connection with you. Whether it is at a beach you like or a mountain hut you visited, your grandparents’ yard at a nearby village, some other alternative location or just a place you feel connected to somehow. It is your special day... maybe it deserves to be at a special location.

Where should we get married?


Small weddings feel more intimate.

Most people have lots of friends and large families. And it can be scary to forget to include someone because he/she might get upset. Sometimes you want to invite all your friends, your childhood buddies and the whole world. Sometimes you want just your best friends and the people in your family that you feel closest. The truth is that the size of the wedding doesn’t determine how fun it will be. It depends on the people and small weddings can be much more fun that you can imagine.

Maybe a wedding outside the box.


What part of the wedding do you consider mandatory? Everybody has a different answer. It really depends what the bride and groom find important. The wedding also has a different meaning to different people… for some is to gather friends and have fun. Some people want to show the world that they are in love. Some want to show commitment to their loved one and promise publicly and officially they will always be there. No matter the case… there are no mandatory components of a wedding… just love.


Music is the soundtrack of your wedding.

How I love music lovers. Having a specific musical taste can make a wedding different or even unique. The mood, the dancing, the fun… it’s all connected to the music.


starts at 150 €

We often think that things will stay the same. And that we have plenty of time. But kids grow up so fast. With each ordinary day we all change and in a few years things will be drastically different. Let’s photograph the right now… even if it is incomplete it is still beautiful. Even more so that it probably will someday in the distant future.

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Yes, you will receive normal and standard photos that you won’t have to explain to your grandmother. I am fully aware that you expect not only super crazy artistic photographs but also want your family to look at photos, that are easy to look at and are “normal”. When we meet, I will show you other weddings, so you know what to expect as an end result.

Will we receive “normal” photos or will they all be “artistic”?

I have plenty of experience shooting weddings and know how long each part takes. After you tell me, what rituals are important for you and how you imagine your wedding, I can help make an hourly plan/schedule of the day. When we have planned well and you feel comfortable and calm during the wedding day, photographing goes smoother and fun and the results are much better.

How should I organise my wedding day?

If you are good at loving your partner, there is nothing to worry about. No need to know anything about posing. Actually I prefer people who do not know how to pose because the end result looks more natural.

We are not very good at posing?

The best time to do a photoshoot during the wedding is when it’s most convenient for you. I have plenty of experience to be able to create photographs during any time of the day, whether it is 2 pm or 8 pm. What is more important is that you feel comfortable and in the mood for love.

It varies too much, but if I have to give an estimate… usually between 600 and 1000 photos. Yes, they are all edited.