I am always in a search to make photographs. Combine them and then construct a story that I see, that I feel and that has meaning to me.


Yes, you will receive normal and standard photos that you won’t have to explain to your grandmother. I am fully aware that you expect not only super crazy artistic photographs but also want your family to look at photos, that are easy to look at and are “normal”. When we meet, I will show you other weddings, so you know what to expect as an end result.

Will we receive “normal” photos or will they all be “artistic”?

I have plenty of experience shooting weddings and know how long each part takes. After you tell me, what rituals are important for you and how you imagine your wedding, I can help make an hourly plan/schedule of the day. When we have planned well and you feel comfortable and calm during the wedding day, photographing goes smoother and fun and the results are much better.

How should I organise my wedding day?

If you are good at loving your partner, there is nothing to worry about. No need to know anything about posing. Actually I prefer people who do not know how to pose because the end result looks more natural.

We are not very good at posing?

The best time to do a photoshoot during the wedding is when it’s most convenient for you. I have plenty of experience to be able to create photographs during any time of the day, whether it is 2 pm or 8 pm. What is more important is that you feel comfortable and in the mood for love.

It varies too much, but if I have to give an estimate… usually between 600 and 1000 photos. Yes, they are all edited.