Alexander Kartchinski

wedding Photojournalist

Why me?

Maybe you are looking for a wedding photographer. And maybe I should be the one you choose. However, my photography is not a language that everyone understands. My photography is not for everyone. And it doesn’t have to be. It never won any awards. I don't need the world's validation... just yours.

Experience in wedding photography

2010 - now

Master in photography at National Academy of Art
2022 - 2024

Teacher at BECA photography academy
Wedding Photography and Visual Storytelling courses

2020 - 2024

Guest speaker at MadePro conference

april 2018

Teacher at Photoschool.bg

2015 - 2018


wedding photojournalism

Sometimes we need reminders of what it was like to feel love. Looking back at your photos years from now, will give them new meaning and appreciation.