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Love is a glimpse into eternity, That has a small dose of inexplicable melancholy in it and there is a lot of beauty in that.

What I am photographing




I believe in honesty. I photograph people, the way I feel them. The way they are. The way I interpret their love for each other.

I do believe that LOVE is a miracle and I am honoured and humbled when I witness it. Sometimes we need reminders of what it was like to feel love. Looking back at your photos years from now will give them new meaning and appreciation. When you look at them, you will remember how it felt. How it was to be young and in love.

why me

And for this photography to be meaningful…

Your story can be my story.

Let's create a memory for a lifetime.

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Want me

to photograph your wedding?

In order to create your story in photographs, I need to know some details about the wedding day. After getting to know each other, together we can create the perfect pricing quote for you, based on your requirements.


Kind Words

"The special moments in our lives must be captured by professionals, who love their work. This can be felt in every photograph, he makes! It was a real pleasure and privilege to be part of our wedding day! Thank you for your dedication and personal approach."

"You put spirit, energy, emotion and magic in every photograph! You capture unique moments and this speaks of great dedication and incredible attention to detail. Because the way you collect specific moments in time is incredible!"


— Mira karadzhova

— mariela nestorova


rotterdam, netherlands

ruse, bulgaria

I want to know details about your wedding. I want to know what the wedding dress looks like, the costume of the groom. how many guests do you expect and what music do you prefer. I want to give you ideas.